Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Looking back

Lourdes -  June 2013
Just a short post. Maybe it doesn't say much - and I realise that still this blog hasn't really even begun to say what needs to be said about Ali.  I have found the past six months a period of upheaval, in which I have wanted to reflect on various memories before beginning, as I know I must  in due course, to share them with others.

Today marks six months since Ali's passing into eternal life on 3 December 2013.  Six months earlier, on 3 June 2013 we arrived in Lourdes after an arduous 8-day car journey through France.  It was so very difficult for Ali, with her having additional pain and problems with basic functioning after breaking her finger (as the photo shows) on the day before we arrived in Lourdes.

Last year was generally a very difficult time for both of us.  Previous years had had their difficulties too.  But the past six months have been incomparably more difficult for me.

I owe many people letters and emails -  and many kind messages, sent while Ali was unwell and after she died, have still not even received a response.  Please excuse me for this.  I hope to write to everyone as soon as I can.