Sunday, 3 December 2017

The fourth anniversary....

Ali in Montreal, Canada, Dec 2007
Throughout the year, I am conscious of various anniversaries occurring - 10 years since I did something with Ali or 25 years since we went somewhere, and so on.  Sometimes I thought of writing a post about the various anniversaries, but then decided to remember them privately. The fourth anniversary of Ali's death, however, requires a post.

On this day ten years ago, 3 December 2007,  Ali and I left Toronto, Canada, where she had spoken at an international symposium of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.  As we left Toronto it began to snow and conditions became treacherous as we drove to Ottawa, and then on to Montreal before heading back to Toronto and Niagara Falls.  

If I were to think hard I would recall that the trip had its share of difficulties for Ali.  Travelling was always difficult for her; she would have pain and nausea, and get tired easily. This trip was so cold too!  But it is hard to  remember those difficulties now.  All I can recall is the joy of being with Ali and the delight she would take in the people she met and the places she visited.  She delighted too in the foolhardiness of trying to get around cities built up with snow which were increasingly difficult for a wheelchair user to navigate.

There are many serious things to be written about Ali - but when I think of her it is the silly things and the joy that come to mind first.  Inevitably, recent weeks and days have brought to mind those momentous weeks and days of four years ago.   Ali died as she lived,  and it seems fitting to remember her life today and not only her death.  May her life continue to inspire others to live well and to seek the eternal truths and the eternal life that she sought.

Addressing the international symposium on euthanasia, Toronto Dec. 2007
With her good friend Brad Mattes of Life Issues Institute
Yes, that's a large Christmas tree!
Ottawa. Where did we park the car?
At Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral,  Montreal
An icy Niagara Falls
Ali with a friend.