Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy Birthday Ali

8 January 2013
Looking at the photo taken at Ali's last birthday I realise how unwell she was then. I cannot recall thinking at the time, though, that she would not be here for her next one. I know I am not alone in missing Ali and that others are also sad not to be able to wish Ali a happy birthday in person.Nevertheless, today is a day to give thanks for Ali's life and for the years she was with us.


  1. Happy Birthday to my Angel Ali ....if only I could have sent you a card today and heard your lovely voice ...A very beautiful light gone but never forgotten

  2. Thinking of you Ali. Like Wendy, I so wish I could have sent you a card or heard you voice today. Happy Birthday my Dear Friend. I also wish I could have sent you a Friendship Book this Christmas. Always got one for me, and one for you. I wont buy anymore - I'll treasure the ones I've got in your Memory. Love & Miss you so much. Sending all my love to you, and to Colin - your Angel on Earth
    Sarah x x x x x

    1. This is so strange Sarah....I used to send Ali a little pocket sized date book ...Ali loved it and always said how useful it was and they always had Bears on the front ...this Year I shivered as I bought for other members of the family and friends knowing Ali would not be getting hers there is a spare one on my table and thats where it will stay ..Wendy .

    2. I miss Ali so much Wendy. She was a wonderful support and friend to me as I hope I was to her. Never got to meet her - but we emailed and spoke on the phone for 12 years. She was a mother figure to me xx

  3. Happy birthday, dearest Ali - flowers by your photo today and donation to Children's Hospice as always, on your request. Miss you so much and thinking of Colin today x With much love - Penny xxx

  4. Darling Ali, happy birthday. I know you are amongst us still, in spirit and that we will meet again. God bless you. Trina, Nick and Rachel xxx